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How to always have good ideas


Have you ever had those days when you can’t think of anything to write about?

I thought today would be one of them because as I sat down, with the intention of writing for my blog, I can’t think of an interesting topic.

I considered taking a shower, since there have been many times when a good idea hits me there.

But since I live in a city where boiling water for your bath is a must, unless you want to take an ice-bucket challenge everyday, staying on the couch seemed more like a good idea.

So I didn’t budge and kept staring at my laptop.


This thing called free writing


My weekdays often start early and at a fast pace.

This is normal because I have 4 people to take care of.

And when all of them have gone off to work and school I have the time to meditate, exercise, and prepare to write.

Now writing is one of those types of work that is easier said than done.

You need to get both your mind and heart ready for it.

If you’ll scour the web, you’ll find hundreds (maybe even thousands) of motivational and productivity tips for all kinds of writers.

I have created an eBook about it as well.

One of my top tips for getting the writing done is listening to concentration music.

And this has worked well even when my children are at home and I need to finish a piece.

However, listening to these instrumental songs don’t often trigger my desire to write.

It helps when I’m already writing.

And when you don’t “feel” you want to write, your mind will give in to distractions (read: procrastination).

This will cripple you and affect your schedule and output for the day or week, and for some, even for months.

If writing is your source of income then this is bad news.

Some top ways writers fend this off is by reading inspiring materials or by finding a new and relaxing workplace.

Though lately, I’ve been convinced that action leads to more action.


3 Bite-Sized Tips To Know if Your Writing Is Good Enough

We’re still on the subject of being good enough and I believe it’s a broad discussion which doesn’t have an exact answer.

Most writers can only give suggestions which require action on the part of the person asking for advice.

So for new freelance writers, here are 3 more things I can suggest: