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How to Get (and Keep) Blogging Clients

Even before starting Web Writer’s Nook (Note: This is a past project), the typical questions I get from aspiring freelance web writers are:

1. how do I start?

2. and how do I get clients?

And honestly, there’s no clear-cut strategy to answer this.

Because there are A LOT of ways.

You can find 7 of the moves I do to find and land writing projects, especially blogging assignments in this post.

It’s a longer read than this one but you’ll find the stories I share there interesting.

Those who’ve read it stole my strategies.

Feel free to do the same. But share it with other web writers too.


How To Write Great Blog Posts All the Time

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Writing blog posts is the most common type of projects for freelance writers right now. Simply because it’s what many website owners currently need support with.

Getting a job as a blogger is not a walk in the park though. You have to prove in your writing samples (bylined or ghostwritten) that you have what it takes to write stellar posts. By stellar, I mean, clear, conversational, and engaging. All blog owners are looking for these in writing clips from writing applicants because these are the content qualities which currently drive traffic to their sites.

If you’re wondering how to get it right, then you need to learn the basics from the pros. These elements are taught in The Copywriting Scorecard for Bloggers by Darren Rowse and Glenn Murray for which I’ve done a product review on The Write Life. Please check it out and if you think it’s right for you, go get that resource.

Disclaimer: The affiliate links appearing in that post are owned by The Write Life team.