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What Do You Do When Writing Seems Painful?

This next freelance writer concern really caught my interest. Here’s what this writer said:

“Honestly, at the moment, writing gives me pain that I can’t sleep immediately because my brain just can’t stop working when I’m supposed to sleep and I can’t think when I’m supposed to write…and I always have that essay tone when I write.”

So here’s what I suggested. Read More

Q & A: Is Writing Supposed To Be Hard?

Today, let’s move to the next part of the email which I got from a new freelance writer. She said:

“This leads me to thinking that my “Why’s” are not clear just as you have said in the ebook 15 Ways to Get Into Your Writing Mindset, Anytime. I want to be a writer, but I’m asking myself if I want to do it just so I can add it to my offered services as a freelancer or I’m passionate about it. I prefer the latter but then, if writing is really my passion, it shouldn’t be this hard for me to begin.”


First, I’d like to say that you’re not alone. Focus is an issue that rattles almost all freelance writers, heck maybe all freelancers. Simon Sinek said this in his book Start With Why, Read More

Focus, Write, And Earn: 4 Things For Writers

One of the questions we need to ask ourselves when we go into any kind of venture, online or offline, is “Does this align with my goals?”

But it shouldn’t just be any goal. It should be your life goals.


So these past months I re-evaluated my life goals and values.

I dug really deep. And came to the conclusion that I need to revamp the things I’m pursuing and how I do business.

That said, I won’t be building my email list anymore. My previous goal for doing that was to eventually sell a paid digital product to my list.

Instead, I’ll be reverting to my two previous focus: guest posting and writing for clients.

If you’ve joined my email list, please accept my apologies.

However, you can expect to read ALL the content I created for that project as blog posts here on my site. Those content will come out once a week every week until I’ve shared everything.

After that, you can expect new posts from me comprising of topics I’m passionate about, which most probably will be health and wellness for home-based business owners, like us freelance writers + personal stories from time to time.

So to kickoff this transition here’s what I call the Web Writer’s Toolkit – 4 short e-guides for writers to focus; to write any type of article that gets read until the end; and to connect with clients.

Feel free to download these free resources and I hope these help you in your own writing business.

I know I’m going against the grain here but this quote from Jodi Wilson of Practicing Simplicity will, in some ways, explain my choice.

“I knew that I couldn’t keep blogging [writing] with heart unless I was proud of the space I was creating – it needed to be authentic, no ifs or buts.”

Thanks for reading. And see you again next week!

PS: I’ve re-opened subscription to my blog for those who’d like to get updates about new posts but the resources mentioned above are still free for download (no opt-in required).