Hi. I'm Jovell Alingod, an Ecommerce Copywriter.

You have great products. You’re serious about ecommerce. And you’re hugely proud of the online store that you’ve started in your couch. You know you have the best items that solve people’s nudging problems. And you know all your hard work will pay off. But when?

Jovell is an excellent team member and manager in all respects. She is reliable, smart, hard working, and honest. Jovell has great people skills as well as the ability to understand technical concepts. She is extremely resourceful and always gets the job done well and on time.
Marc Slater - Jovell Alingod Copywriter testimonial
Marc Slater
CEO and Director | eReflect

Are you really able to work only for a few hours and the money rolls in?

 Are you in control of your business or is your business controlling you?

Have you lost the freedom you’ve so desired to get when that brand new idea popped up?

All because you’re swamped with marketing tasks to get your store the attention it deserves.

Honestly, converting website visitors to buying customers does take time.

Not all of them are ready to get their hands on your products and give you their money.

But persuasive and strong copy can shorten that process.

Persuasive copy can make lurking customers buy now.


Get Strong Copy That Drives Customers To Buy

Jovell has been great helping me get my brand out to a wider audience, I have no trouble recommending Jovell's service!
Samuel Fairfax - Jovell Alingod testimonial
Samuel Fairfax
General Manager | Investorist

Do you really need persuasive copy?

If you know what you want to say but don’t know how to say it…

If your content can’t emotionally drive your visitors…

If you want to elevate your voice and your store’s value clearly online…

If you want more sales while doing what you love…

Then investing in persuasive copy can definitely help you.

Interested in working with me?

Jovell was a great asset. She managed a team for me with great results. I'd love to work with her again.
Kathy Smail - Jovell Alingod Testimonial
Kathy Smail
Owner | K Smail Consulting
Research is the name of Jovell's writing game. When she came to Be A Freelance Blogger with a guest post idea, she wasn't afraid to whip out killer facts & quotes to back it up. And that's awesome. As an editor, I come across a LOT of lazy writers...and Jovell is not one of them. She's more than willing to put in the effort; and, for that, I applaud her.
Lauren Tharp - Jovell Alingod Testimonial
Lauren Tharp
Managing Editor | Be A Freelance Blogger

Easy to digest, relatable copy that converts

  • Website Pages
  • Social Media Ads
  • Opt In Landing Pages
  • Product Descriptions
I offer unlimited minor revisions and my full commitment to all my clients.

So why am I worth the smart investment?

  • Jovell Alingod - Freelance Ecommerce CopywriterDigital copywriting experience since 2010
  • Worldwide satisfied client roster including agencies and individual business owners (US, UK, Australia, Canada, etc.)
  • Trusted to manage several $3000+ worth of monthly projects and remote teams for company CEOs and managing directors
  • Trained and hired aspiring freelancers, writers, and social media specialists for agency campaigns
  • $5000+ worth of training and courses in content and social media marketing and copywriting
  • First-hand ecommerce experience because, you guessed right, I have my own online stores
  • Bandwidth limit of up to only 2 clients per month to give them my full focus and attention

Invest in creative converting copy.

Get Strong Copy That Drives Customers To Buy

It's an absolute pleasure working with Jovell - her updates, articles and tweets have been spot on and have really helped position us in the marketplace the way we wanted to be seen. I'm very happy to recommend her to anyone who is looking for top quality content and social media management.
Peter Noble - Jovell Alingod Testimonial
Peter Noble
CEO and Head of Strategy | Citrus

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