3 Bite-Sized Tips To Know if Your Writing Is Good Enough

We’re still on the subject of being good enough and I believe it’s a broad discussion which doesn’t have an exact answer.

Most writers can only give suggestions which require action on the part of the person asking for advice.

So for new freelance writers, here are 3 more things I can suggest:

  • Run your article text on Grammarly. Take advantage of their free 7 days trial so you can get ideas on the elements that are missing in your article.
  • Join writing challenges, when you have the chance. Those that provide feedback are the best.
  • Read your Grammar book again and practice making those sentences because going back to the basics of English writing is always a good idea.

But more often than not, I sense that asking the question “how do you know if your writing is good enough” has a lot to do with a person’s self-confidence and self-esteem, so I’d like to address that in the my last post about this.

How about you, do you think it’s linked? Feel free to let me know.