Are You Good Enough To Be A Freelance Writer?

What if after all the practice you’ve done and you still feel you’re not good enough?

If that’s the case, consider the common statements we say to ourselves and some insights to shift your mindset:

I don’t have a university degree, particularly a journalism degree so I’m not good enough.

This is so not true. Let me give you some examples:

Celine Roque, my friend and mentor, founder of admits she didn’t finish her college degree but her work has been published several times on international and high-ranking websites. She also didn’t work in a corporate setting but she writes about business and has successfully been doing this for 10 years.

Carol Tice of Make A Living Writing also didn’t finish her college degree when she started writing for a local publication in the US but look at her now – she’s one of the regular contributing bloggers for

My client says my writing is not good enough.

Like I’ve mentioned before, when this happens, don’t take it personally. It’s your client’s right to give their opinion about your work. If you’re doing your best and following their guidelines then you’ll do well. And in the first place, they hired you, so they saw something in your writing that fits their needs.

I’m not an American, European, or Australian so I can’t get high rates.

Who told you that?

Check out Mridu Khullar and Bamidele Onibalusi. They’re not any of those but they command good rates, high even.

Why do you set yourself apart? Why are you giving in to self-doubt?

Yes, writing web content means putting yourself out there, even if it’s a ghostwritten article. But being confident about your work still needs a change in attitude.

Always accept that no writing is perfect but you can take measures to polish it for clarity and flow like leaving an article for a few hours to a whole day and going back to it with fresh eyes so you’ll see where you can improve it. Or making it full of relevant information by researching in the right places like Google Scholar and Google News.

It’s often our inner critique who’s putting us down. That’s part of life, whether you’re a writer or not.

But if you’re constantly looking for ways to improve then you know you’re on your way to becoming better.

So what do you say, are you good enough now?