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How to Get (and Keep) Blogging Clients

Even before starting Web Writer’s Nook (Note: This is a past project), the typical questions I get from aspiring freelance web writers are:

1. how do I start?

2. and how do I get clients?

And honestly, there’s no clear-cut strategy to answer this.

Because there are A LOT of ways.

You can find 7 of the moves I do to find and land writing projects, especially blogging assignments in this post.

It’s a longer read than this one but you’ll find the stories I share there interesting.

Those who’ve read it stole my strategies.

Feel free to do the same. But share it with other web writers too.

Why This Blog Is Not For Clients

Since learning that I can be paid for writing online content, I’ve tried blogging to attract clients. It’s the ideal after all – to have clients coming to you, knocking at your virtual doorsteps, and asking you to work with them.

It’s a nice thought and because it’s so nice, I thought it was a must, and worse, I thought it was easy as pie. But I was wrong. I share all the deets (and data) in the post “Do You Really Need To Blog?”

Your decision may be different so feel free to share it in the comments. You might change my mind.