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How to Get (and Keep) Blogging Clients

Even before starting Web Writer’s Nook (Note: This is a past project), the typical questions I get from aspiring freelance web writers are:

1. how do I start?

2. and how do I get clients?

And honestly, there’s no clear-cut strategy to answer this.

Because there are A LOT of ways.

You can find 7 of the moves I do to find and land writing projects, especially blogging assignments in this post.

It’s a longer read than this one but you’ll find the stories I share there interesting.

Those who’ve read it stole my strategies.

Feel free to do the same. But share it with other web writers too.

5 Ways To Be A Prosperous Freelancer

In the last quarter of 2012, I learned there are more ways to be abundant as a freelance writer. This includes connecting with other freelancers, doing some side-projects, and giving time for self-care. Because being a freelancer doesn’t mean you’ll have to sit in front of your computer all day and being at the beck and call of your clients. That’s why you’re not called an employee when you’re a freelancer but a solo professional.

Get the ideas I shared in the post Be Wealthy and Wise: 5 Ways To Build a Prosperous Freelancing Career and adopt these strategies  on any day of any year.

And if you like the post, share it with others who might find it useful.

Note: Since January 2015, Stef has migrated all content of TFP to her personal site and shop. I’ve updated the link to the post to go directly to her e-course for freelancers.)

Projects You Should Get (and Avoid) As A Freelancer


Landing freelancing projects and clients regularly is the ideal any freelancer aims for. But this should not mean that you’ll just jump right in any type of assignment or say yes to all clients or job ads you can set your eyes on.

Being choosy is a trait every freelancer should aim to develop. Yes it might mean you’ll forego some jobs but do you know what you’ll get in exchange?

Find out in my guest post at Pinoy500’s blog – Look Out for These Freelancing Projects. Then share your own ideas or stories in the comments.