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How to Overcome Your Fear of Rejections

One common fear of writers in general is being rejected. Because the words you put down are a part of who you are even if you’re writing about technical topics like how to clean you’re A/C or 5 things a garage door bracing system should have.

In the first issue of FREELANCER Magazine by Stef of The Freelance Pinoy, I share a recent experience I had with an editor who pushed me out of my comfort zone to become a stronger writer. Unknowingly, this editor also helped me become a stronger person.

How did I do it?

Get your copy of Freelancer Magazine here and read my story there. (Note: As of January 2015, Stef has brought down TFP and has migrated all its content into an affordable e-course on her personal site. I’ve updated the link to go directly to the course’s sales page.)

You’ll also find nuggets of wisdom about:

  • how to stay on top of your freelance game (from a copywriter with 10 years of freelancing experience)
  • how to build your freelancing career
  • and what it takes to become a successful freelancer

After pondering on what you’ve read there, kindly share the link to the Magazine with others who’ll love it.

Are You Serious About Your Freelancing Career?

The subject of how freelancers in other fields – design, virtual assistance, etc – need good writing skills too was brought up to me by my friend Celine of Pinoy500.

She believes that it’s important for all types of remote workers, especially those in countries whose English is a second language, to improve their English writing skills so as to remain competitive in their fields.

And as you know, I share the same sentiments with her. 🙂

This sentiment resulted in another guest post for her blog.

Click here to read it.

And do share it with other freelancers, aspiring freelance writer or not, who you know will benefit from it too.

If you’ve decided to apply the tips I shared there, let me know in the comments how it pans out for you.

What You Need To Do To Write Better in English


Yes, you need to do something to write better in English. Even native English speaking writers  agree with me on this point. Some even say, they also need to brush up on their own English writing skills.

In the post “How One Freelance Writer Earned More With Better English,” I shared 3 basic ideas on what you can do to improve your English writing skills.

The post is an easy read but the takeaway is – you need to be willing to do the work to improve your prose.

Eventually, I’ll share a more extensive (or maybe, intensive) course to help you with this but for the meantime, if you choose to act now, this guest post will help you. And let me know in the comments how it pans out okay.