It All Starts With A Goal

Whether you’re starting an online business, journeying into freelance writing, or establishing your blog and social media presence, the first thing you need to do is to identify your goal for doing so.

What’s the motivating factor behind your decision?

What do you want to achieve for the steps you want to take?

Actually, goal setting is always among the first steps I tell people who ask about how to start freelance writing.

Identifying a business’ goals is also one of the first things in my questionnaire for new clients.

Then when I get to talking about the client’s project, I begin again by asking what their goal is for choosing that strategy.

As for me, my business goals haven’t changed.

I still aim to:

  1. earn a living writing online
  2. and continuously improve my writing skills

The only thing that’s changed is my chosen path to reaching it.

How about you?

I know the 2nd quarter of this year is about to start, but I’d still like to ask, have you identified your goals?

BTW, if your goal is to become a freelance writer or raise your rates as one, the doors of the Freelance Writer’s Den is open. Click here to join the community. And I’ll see you there.

Goal setting for freelancers and online business owners