Q & A: Is Writing Supposed To Be Hard?

Today, let’s move to the next part of the email which I got from a new freelance writer. She said:

“This leads me to thinking that my “Why’s” are not clear just as you have said in the ebook 15 Ways to Get Into Your Writing Mindset, Anytime. I want to be a writer, but I’m asking myself if I want to do it just so I can add it to my offered services as a freelancer or I’m passionate about it. I prefer the latter but then, if writing is really my passion, it shouldn’t be this hard for me to begin.”


First, I’d like to say that you’re not alone. Focus is an issue that rattles almost all freelance writers, heck maybe all freelancers. Simon Sinek said this in his book Start With Why,

“Why means what is your purpose, cause or belief? Why does [your company] exist? Why do you get out of bed every morning?…”

So think about your answers to those questions and you’ll find your top Why’s.

Mine’s very simple, my top Why is my children. I strive to become better, work to earn more, and share what I know because of them. As cheesy as it may sound, when the time comes that I leave this earth, I want my children to remember me as a hardworking mom whose work they will be proud to show to others even if it’s a short product description. 🙂

On becoming a writer, I hate to say this and burst somebody’s bubble but writing is really not easy, whether you’re passionate about it or not. If it were easy then everybody would be doing it right? William Zinsser even said so in his book On Writing Well and he’s a bestselling author!

From my experience, it becomes easy when you put in the time to practice writing and what will push you to do this goes back to your Why’s.

Does this sound good?

Let’s talk about some more writer questions next week.

I wish you well!


This post first appeared on my previous email newsletter “Web Writer’s Nook” via Aweber.