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Lauren Tharp - Jovell Alingod Testimonial

Research is the name of Jovell’s writing game. When she came to Be A Freelance Blogger with a guest post idea, she wasn’t afraid to whip out killer facts & quotes to back it up. And that’s awesome. As an editor, I come across a LOT of lazy writers…and Jovell is not one of them. She’s more than willing to put in the effort; and, for that, I applaud her.

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Samuel Fairfax - Jovell Alingod testimonial

Jovell has been great helping me get my brand out to a wider audience, I have no trouble recommending Jovell’s service!

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Peter Noble - Jovell Alingod Testimonial

It’s an absolute pleasure working with Jovell – her updates, articles and tweets have been spot on and have really helped position us in the marketplace the way we wanted to be seen. I’m very happy to recommend her to anyone who is looking for top quality content and social media management.

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