Writer Concern: Where Should I Begin?

Aspiring and new freelance writers shared several concerns and asked me some questions about the business of freelance writing since I’ve been at it for almost 5 years now.

Here’s one. See if it resonates with you.

“I’ve been experiencing analysis paralysis for months now because of so many things that I should read to learn writing. And most often than not, I have my head spinning and I will just stop and do other things.”

Here’s what I suggested:


Hi. Be easy on yourself because it’s perfectly fine to take a break from learning about writing.

In fact, just last Friday, I did not read or do anything related to writing or online marketing but went back to reading John Grisham’s The Racketeer. This helped me relax and the following day, even while doing the laundry, I got all the mind power to focus on writing that I was able to write a content with 3000 words!

Regarding not knowing where to begin to learn how to write better, this was what I did before:

I did not read a lot about writing when I started and just focused on one thing that interested me which was how to write SEO articles. Because there were a lot of job posts for this type of service in oDesk then. So I chose to focus on learning how to write that.

I chanced upon articles about copywriting and blogging too. Those got my interest as well but I thought in order to get jobs writing SEO articles, I need to learn how to write SEO articles first.

After writing several SEO articles and I got good feedback from my clients, I knew I got a handle on writing those articles so I decided to move to my other interests – writing blog posts and/or copywriting. But, again, I chose to focus on only be one of them until I can say my writing’s good enough.

To sum it all up:

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself.
  2. It’s okay to take a break.
  3. Learn the basics first of the type of article you’d want to write.
  4. Practice writing at least 5 of those.
  5. Ask for feedback.
  6. If it’s good, move on to learn the next.

So when you feel overwhelmed about learning how to write a certain type of article, go back to this list. You can also read this previous post and get a free writing template.

Next week, let’s answer a writer question.

Thanks and let’s talk again soon.


This post first appeared on my previous email newsletter “Web Writer’s Nook” via Aweber.